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a company that inspires people
by linking them through their interests

buond [ba'nd]
The origin of our company name is a combination of "bond," meaning "connection" in English, and "buondi," meaning "good morning" in Italian. "buond" was born from our belief that new connections would lead to new

We aim to connect you with other people by linking your current and potential future interests with theirs.

the experience-based solutions that we provide

The things we encounter in our everyday lives reflect the many interests of
its creators. Focusing on the product origin and the creator's interests, we
can learn the personal story behind the creator's love for his work, including
a glimpse into the various people, cultures and regions that may have
influenced him. Understanding such stories help us to experience products in
a very different way.
The connection of interests of one person to another may lead to an
evolution of new interests one never knew they had. “buond" aims to create
new ways to trigger new and exciting opportunities for the people we
engage with.

nice to meet new
buond's NEW 01
  • our thinking

  • we encourage people
    to overcome stereotypes
    and find new ways of looking at things

buond's NEW 02
  • our approach

  • for each product,
    we focus on the personal story
    of the creator

buond's NEW 03
  • our style

  • we use illustrations
    rather than photographs or videos
    to incite the viewer's imagination

    1st story
    Bergfabel [Fashion brand]

    bergfabel (fashion brand)

buond's NEW 04
  • resonate

  • by sharing their interests,
    we hope people would achieve
    emotional resonance
    and a capacity to empathize

buond's NEW 05


we seek to promote in people
a sense of unity
with the regional community

see part of yourself that you have never seen

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Due to the spread of the covid-19 infection,
STORY PROJECT will start after the situation has settled down.
In that case, we will inform you again on this website.

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